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Luxury Tailor Made Bags

Luxury Tailor Made Bags

Specialising in a full range of custom hand-made bags that suit every kind of occasion. By designing bags to your exact specification ensures that we provide the perfect fit for you.


We take seemingly ordinary pieces of stock and convert them into something extra-ordinary.

There are no minimum order quantities, yet we have the capacity to produce large volumes.  All products are manufactured in-house with fast turnaround times and help from our dedicated team of experts.

Visits to our workshop are welcome!



"Challenge impressed us with a very professional service and provided us with high quality bags which are so important for our luxury products." Guy Burton DGA, Hancocks

“Challenge offered us exceptional service and really listened to our requirements. We are extremely pleased with our fantastic looking, high quality bags.”  Oliver Gilbody, Kathryn Sargent Bespoke Tailoring

"We appreciated being able to buy smaller quantities of bags, and to design them to our precise requirements. This is an excellent alternative to the mass produced bags from the Far East."  Silvia Kobi, Richard Ogden


This unique design has an innovative folding base which requires no folds on the front or back of the bag.  Not only does this give the bags a chic and stylish look, it also reduces design limitations and makes the bag much more durable.  With the folds being only on the base, it also stores flat, allowing you to stock more bags within less space.  


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Bespoke Requirements

Send us your requirements and we will reply with a no obligatory quote.

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